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We stayed in Forks for the weekend, then we had to fly back Baltimore. I knew Bella wanted to stay a lot longer, but I had to get to work and she had school. I made sure Charlie knew all of the information for the wedding. He wanted to come and I would do everything in my power to fly him out to Baltimore, where we had planned on getting married.

Charlie was going to tell Jessica and Lauren's parents about their daughters' death. We thought this was the best way. He didn't want their father's to bombard Bella with questions that might bother her. Charlie knew all of the basic details. He knew that they were shot by James, he knew they were not tormented during their abduction, and there was no way the police could recover the bodies.

I felt horrible for pulling Bella away from Forks. The way she looked back at her old home made me feel like a monster for taking her away. Part of me wondered if I was making the right decision; maybe I should just let her go. Let her have a normal life. Meet a guy a normal way, and fall in love with him the way she should have. But I was too selfish to do that. I needed Bella like I needed oxygen, and she had assured me on several occasions that she felt the same way.

After returning to Baltimore, we both become wrapped up in the wedding plans. Bella was constantly chatting with my mother and sisters through Skype to discuss the details. Mom, Alice, and Rosalie were scheduled to come down to help her pick out a wedding dress. Traditionally, the mother of the bribe was present when the wedding dress was chosen, but Renee Swan was currently locked behind bars. Bella said she didn't care that her mother wasn't able to come, though. She said Esme was really the only mother she had ever had, which made my mother so happy.

As the wedding date approached, our lives became very busy. We were going to be married on June 21. Bella was through with school, and I was working hard at the hospital. My family flew in to help us with the wedding arrangements. Before we knew it, we were having our bachelor/bachelorette parties. Alice and Rosalie wouldn't tell me what they were going to do for Bella, but I had a feeling it involved a stripper. They loved to make my poor fiancé miserable and embarrassed. Most boyfriends would be furious to learn that their future wife was going to be around a stripper, but I trusted Bella.

Dad, Emmett, Jasper, and a few of my friends and I went to a bar. Of course we got wasted, but nothing happened. We just had to be sure we were ready for the rehearsal dinner at four-thirty. The girls were giggly at the dinner and Bella blushed a lot. When I asked her how her night had been, she just shook her head.

One thing I had learned about Bella; it was better to just let her reveal any information than pry it from her. She was more likely to trust when she wasn't forced to give out information that might make her uncomfortable.

She still had a slight fear of crowd, though. I held her hand throughout most of the rehearsal to keep her calm. She didn't like the fact that all eyes would be on her as she walked down the aisle.

"They should be on you," I told her, drawing her in to my chest. "You are the most beautiful creature on the planet. They should stare at you."

That got her to smile and she playfully slapped my chest. "Oh, you're nice," she said.

Mom studied us for a few moments before coming over and gently pulling Bella away. "Sweetie, if you feel nervous coming down the aisle, just look straight ahead at Edward. Don't look at anyone else, just keep your eyes on Edward."

When she practiced walking down the aisle again, she kept her beautiful brown eyes trained on me.

The dinner went well, and before I knew it, the girls were pulling Bella away from me for the night. "You won't see her again before the wedding, so you better get your good-bye in for the night," Alice warned.

I smiled as I pulled Bella into my chest and wrapped my arms around her. "By this time tomorrow you'll be Mrs. Isabella Cullen," I told her. I kissed her nose. "I love you."

"Love you too," she said, kissing my chin.

I was the only member of our family to have a traditional wedding, so this was a big deal to my family. Alice and Rosalie went all out to decorate the church. They invited almost everyone we knew. Bella's father was flown in so he could walk her down the aisle. For the longest time, we assumed Dad or one of my brother's was going to walk her down the aisle, but after our visit to Forks, Bella insisted on her father carrying on his rightful tradition. We all agreed. How could we not?

Of course I didn't sleep the night before the wedding. I tossed and turned in the bed. I was both anxious and excited. I couldn't wait to see Bella walk down the aisle in whatever beautiful white dress she had chosen. I couldn't wait to swear my vows to love her and cherish her until the day I die. I couldn't wait to slip the ring on her finger and hear the preacher announce that we were husband and wife.

I was more than grateful that we decided on having an afternoon wedding. I don't think I could havewaited until the evening. I bounced anxiously in my tux as we waited for all of the guests to arrive.

"Chill out, bro," Emmett said, brushing off my shoulder. "There's just at least a hundred people out there and your girl. It's all cool."

"Yeah Edward," Jasper said, with a smirk. "I mean, the worst thing that could happen is that Bella could leave you at the altar."

"Boys, don't say those things to your brother. He's nervous enough as it is," Dad said. He came over and patted my shoulder. "Just breathe. It'll be alright."

I was pretty sure my sisters and mother were giving Bella the same pep talk. She was probably scared out of her wit.

Before I knew what was happening, all of the men lined up at the altar and the music began to play. I kept my hands pressed tightly together as each of the brides maids walked down the aisle. They were all wearing strapless light blue dresses that Alice and Rosalie picked out. Bella had picked Rosalie to be her maid of honor because, well, quite frankly Alice annoyed the hell out of her. Bella had always seen Rosalie as a sister, so it made sense.

Right after Rosalie walked down the aisle, my heart began to pound at my chest as if it wanted out. Charlie stepped around the corner and brought his gorgeous daughter into view.

For a moment, I forgot how to breathe.

Bella was wearing this gorgeous white dress that made her look like an angel. It didn't reveal too much cleavage, but it showed enough for me to appreciate. Unlike most of the wedding dresses Alice had shown her, this one had straps that tied behind her neck. Her beautiful dark brown hair was braided around her head.

I couldn't believe this beautiful creature that was walking down the aisle was mine.

I couldn't even begin to contain the smile that stretched across my face. For the first time, I could understand how some guys could look at their girlfriends/wives and almost cry. Bella was so beautiful. She looked like an angel.

My little dark headed angel.

Her brown eyes stayed on me as she walked down the aisle. At first, she looked nervous but as she grew closer, a beautiful smile stretched across her face, which was glowing. Charlie kissed her as they stopped at the altar, then passed her hand on to me.

"Take care of my little girl," he whispered to me.

"I will, sir," I promised him.

My large hand engulfed her tiny one. I gave it a gentle squeeze as I led her up the altar. She kept her eyes on me the whole time.

The ceremony was short. The preacher said a few words, then we exchanged vows. I was surprised how strong my voice was as I said "I do." Bella's smile seemed to intensify as I promised to love her, forever. Her voice wavered a bit as she said her vows, but her gorgeous smile never went away.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," the preacher announced. "You may kiss your bride."

He didn't need to tell me twice.

I pressed my lips against Bella's in one of the most passionate kiss we had ever shared. Her skin warmed until mine.

"I love you," I whispered before kissing her again.

We raced out of the church to the reception. Everyone wanted to get our pictures, but to be honest, I just wanted to get Bella in that damn plane so we could go on our honey moon. You would think with the wedding out of the way, our anxiety would be gone.

Well, of course, there was one thing we had not taken care of yet, and no, it was not the first dance between the bride and groom.

To this day, I still have not figured out why Bella decided to save herself for our wedding night. We had been engaged for years before we actually got married, and it wasn't like there was a chance we were going to break up or anything. We almost got into it several times, but before any serious action could take place, Bella wanted to stop. Of course, I wasn't going to push her into jumping into the act. If she wanted to wait until her wedding night to have sex with me, then that's what we were going to do.

As much as I hated waiting for this, I knew I had to. Out of respect for my beautiful wife, I had to.

"I can't wait to get you in bed," I whispered, as we danced. "Oh the things I want to do to you."

"That's dirty," she teased.

I chuckled and pressed my lips against her neck. "You better believe I'm going to be dirty with you. I've waited for God knows how long for tonight."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize, baby. We had to wait until you were ready. But you better be ready tonight."

She laughed. "I am, don't worry."

The reception was unnecessarily long, and the plane ride to Hawaii was even longer. I wanted to take Bella to a remote island, but in the end, we decided going to Hawaii for our honey moon was best. She had always wanted to go, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to take her.

The second our plane touched down on the island, you better believe I didn't let her go. Heck, I couldn't keep my hands off of her in the plane. I kissed her every second I could. The poor passengers in the plane had to witness our make out session the entire ride, but, hey, you know what? We had just been married. I can kiss my wife whenever the hell I wanted to.

My grip on her hand intensified as we walked into the hotel I had booked.

"Cullen," I said, curtly.

I felt impatient, and nervous, and excited all at once. I just wanted to get into the damn room.

'Down Eddie,' I told myself. 'Just a few more minutes and then you can have her.'

"The honeymoon suite?" the reception asked.

Yes we were staying in the honeymoon suite. Now give us the damn key.

"Here you go, Mr. Cullen. Enjoy your stay."

Oh we will.

I all but dragged Bella up to our room and threw her on the bed. She laughed as she bounced a bit.

"Impatient much?" she asked with an innocent smile.

"You better believe I'm impatient," I growled, moving over to her. I grabbed her shoulders and lowered her onto the mattress. "I've been waiting for this moment for quite some time, Mrs. Cullen."

"Me too," she whispered.

Oh Christ. Her brown eyes darkened as she stared up at me. Eddie throbbed against my pants, demanding to be set free.

I attacked Bella's lips as I pressed her into the mattress. We kissed for a moment before I started to remove her shirt and bra.

"Wait," Bella whispered. "C-can I have a moment to get ready? Please?"

Eddie protested, but I knew this was important to her. I didn't want her feeling uncomfortable our first time.

"Yeah," I said, my voice sounding strangled.

I removed myself from her and sat on the edge of the bed. She grabbed her little carry on and rushed into the bathroom. I buried my face in my hands and pulled at my hair.

If she didn't get out here there in ten minutes, I would go insane.


I knew Edward had been waiting for this moment for what probably felt like a life time, but I wanted it to be perfect.

My skin literally felt like it was on fire and my heart was beating out of control. I had to lean against the counter to catch my breath.

'Now's not the time to have a panic attack, Bella,' I told myself.

My whole body was drenched in nervous sweat. I turned the shower on and collected the items I would need. I stepped into the warm water and let it wash away the stress from the day. I shaved my legs, and cleaned up a bit. Afterwards, I stepped out and dried off. I took my time so I wouldn't feel rushed. If I remained calm, my heart wouldn't try to escape from my chest.

Of course, that all went out the door when I reached into my bag to get the lingerie set Alice bought me for the occasion. Suddenly, there was a dilemma; should I go out there in nothing but a towel, or should I put the lingerie on? Would Edward want to undress me, or did it matter?

"Bella, are you alright?" Edward called.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine," I managed.

"You sure? You've been in there for a while."

"I'm sure. I just-"

I stared down at the lingerie, not knowing what to do.

There was a light tap at the door. "May I come in?" Edward gently opened the door and stepped in. His eyes stayed on my slightly naked form for a moment, then trailed off to the lingerie set in question. "What's wrong?"

"I don't-" A lump pressed against my throat. I wanted to make this perfect for him, but I didn't know what to do. I was going to mess this up and ruin our night.

"Bella, sweetie, what's wrong?" he asked, stroking my face. "Do you not want to do this?"

"I do," I sobbed. "But I-I don't know what to do. I don't know if you want to undress me, or if you want me to come out naked or-" Before I could continue, he put his hand over my mouth to silence me.

"Let's not get worked up about this, okay?" he said, gently. He pulled me against him and began to rub my back. "Are you nervous?"

I nodded. "I know I shouldn't be, but I am," I whispered in shame.

He put a hand under my chin and gently pushed my face up. "Bella you have every right in the world to be nervous about this. Hell, I'm scared out of my wit, but I'm also excited. Don't think about it, okay? Just feel. Let me love you."

He removed the towel from my body and began kissing me, and touching me.

Suddenly, everything I had been worried about in the past disappeared. All I could think about was his lips and his hands. He lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist, then carried me to the bed. We collapsed with me underneath him.

My skin felt like it was on fire, and my heart was pounding against my chest. I couldn't get enough of him. My whole body felt like a live wire. Every touch caused me to jerk. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.

"I need you," I gasped. "Now."

I helped him remove his shirt, then moved to his belt. He fumbled with his belt while I unzipped his pants. The second the belt came off, the pants were gone and he was in nothing but his boxers. We pulled those down and he sprang free.

I swallowed nervously.

That was supposed to fit into me?

Edward and I had messed around with each other before, so it wasn't as if I had never seen him naked. However, before I always knew we wouldn't go all of the way. I wouldn't have to worry about the pain. Now, though…the moment was here.

"Don't think, love," Edward whispered. He stroked my face. "Feel."

He grabbed both of my hands and pressed them against his bare chest.

"Do you feel that?"

I closed my eyes as I felt his heart beat against my hands.

"Yes," I whispered.

"That's how much I love you." He lowered himself so that our chests were pressed together, so his heart and my heart were pressed together. We listened in silence as they began to beat together at the same tempo.

It was as if they were beating as one.

Edward looked down at me with adoring, dark green eyes.

"That's how much I love you."

The lump returned to my throat, but not for the same reason. He kissed me again, then pressed himself at my entrance. I gasped a bit as he eased himself into me. He didn't let me fret about it for long. He captured my lips in a passionate kiss as he eased himself more into me.

The second he pressed against my barrier, he lifted his face and stared deep into my eyes.

"I love you," he said.

I nodded. "Forever."

He leaned back to kiss me as he pushed past the barrier that had always been his to break.

Of course it hurt, but I was too caught up in the moment to really fret about it. I could feel him loving me. I could his love course throughout my body as we made love together. When it ended, Edward collapsed on me, drenched in sweat.

I nuzzled his neck as he held me. I had never felt this close to him, ever. I never wanted him to let me go.

Edward kissed my forehead firmly before he gently rolled off of me. He pulled me against his chest and wrapped his big, strong arms around me. I turned so that I was facing his chest. I kissed the area above his heart.

"I love you," I told him.

"I love you too," he replied, tightening his grip on me.

We laid there for the longest time, just holding each other.

We had come so far.

It seemed impossible to believe that so many years ago, this loving man I had just made love to dragged me down into a dark, dirty basement to force me to forget my life. It seemed like millions of years ago that he held me down and beat me with a studded belt and broke my leg with the barrel of a gun.

It seemed almost impossible to believe that at one point in my life, I would have rather died than to make love with Edward.

But things had changed. I changed, he changed. Our love for each other made us who we are today. Without Edward, I would be lost. Heck, I'd probably be dead. His love gave me the confidence I never thought I would have. And my lovefor him gave him the peace he thought he would never have.

We had come such a long way. We had made with through life threatening trials and heart aches, but we made it.

And we made it together.



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